Nall, a modern day Renaissance man, has created extraordinary works of art for almost 50 years. A multi-talented fine artist, he has traveled the world, studying diverse cultures and exploring art, architecture, and indigenous craft. Although classically trained, Nall is not a conventional artist who follows tradition regarding the use of media, style, or subject. He has followed his own path, which has led him to remote locations in North Africa, India, the Middle East, South America, and Mexico, but always brought him back to his roots in Alabama.

This contemporary artist is inspired by paintings from the 16th century, surrealism, fauvism, Impressionism, psychedelic art, Huichol art, Japanese wash drawings and even the geometric forms in Alabama quilts and Mondrianís compositions. As a young man, Nall spent seven years in Paris where he was greatly influenced by his mentor and friend, Salvador Dalí.

His artistic and cultural experiences motivated Nall to express himself through traditional and non-traditional media. The combination of Nallís incredible talent as a draftsman and his creative genius have allowed him to produce a diverse body of work ranging from symbolic imagery depicting the dark side of humanity to the beauty found in natural landscapes and botanical subjects. No matter what the subject, his work always leaves the viewer with a memorable impression.

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