David Schneuer (Israeli, 1905 - 1988)
David Schneuer, Cafe Dome II David Schneuer, Boulevard St. Michel David Schneuer, The Blue Dress David Schneuer, Love II David Schneuer, Madame Renoir David Schneuer, Maxim's David Schneuer, Rue Rivoli David Schneuer, Pretending

David Schneuer was born in 1905 in Austro-Hungaria. After graduating from the Münchner Künstgewerbeschule (Munich, Germany), he moved to Paris. He was an authentic witness to life in Europe between the World Wars and was greatly influenced by German Expressionism.

In the 1920s he worked as a stage designer and poster artist for Bertold Brecht in theaters in Berlin and Munich, a world which was dominated by the influences of Kirchner, Grosz, and Beckmann. In 1932, he was imprisoned in Dachau as an artistic dissident. Upon his release the following year, he immigrated to Palestine and settled in Tel Aviv. There his paintings, posters, and public murals were received with great enthusiasm. The same motifs he had employed earlier under Brecht - subtle eroticism, sensuous characters, and virtuoso drawing - found expression in his paintings.

Schneuer died in November 1987.

In the Artist's Words

"Plasticity and dynamics, balance and line. A splash of colour turning into a body, a face, hair. This is my art."

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